Tour of Opportunities Mentor

The Aitkin Chamber is hosting the Tour or Opportunities, a 2-day open house for commercial properties for sale and rent in Aitkin. Our goal is to connect entrepreneurs and investors with opportunities in Aitkin and provide a step-by-step plan on how to open a successful business here.

As an established business owner, your experience, knowledge, and guidance can be a lifeline for a new or hopeful entrepreneur. We would love to have you at the Tour of Opportunities to offer input and advice for attendees. You will be able to offer honest, practical insight that will be invaluable to attendees who are working on building their dreams into a real, successful business.

The Tour of Opportunities will be Friday, April 30th from 4pm-7pm, and Saturday, May 1st from 11am-2pm. During Tour hours, there will be a reception on the main floor of the Butler Building where guests can receive additional resources on writing their business plan, applying for permits, grants, and loans, and more. You are invited to be present during these times.