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Board of Directors Annual Election

The Aitkin Area Chamber of Commerce has 3 open board positions. Applications have been received and the following individuals have applied.

Ashley Warner Branch Manager for Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union. Ashley is relatively new to Aitkin and has recently joined the Welcoming Committee in order to meet new people and new businesses. Ashley has been in the financial industry for more than 10 years. She considers herself to be driven, organized, friendly and hardworking. She has experience fundraising, financial management and hiring and recruiting.

Candi Baumann owner of Candi’s Sweet Boutique. Candi is a former Riverboat Queen and loved being an Ambassador for the community of Aitkin. Candi would like to get more involved in the events within Aitkin . She is a very creative person who loves to plan and organize. Candi has experience with the downtown retail committee, fundraising, public speaking and strategic planning. During her role as Riverboat Queen Candi worked closely with the Chamber as well as many other organizations volunteering her time and talents.

Leeann Simpson of Eyecare Center of Aitkin. Leeann has been a volunteer with the Aitkin County Fair for the last 9 years and is also the Treasurer for the Aitkin Chapter of the Women of the Moose. She considers herself very experience in technology and planning special events. Leeann wants to be involved in an organization that is community based with the intentions of making Aitkin a better place for community members.

Skye Fielder owner of Wise Skye Gifts. Skye recently moved to Aitkin and owns She believes that a strong Chamber of Commerce can benefit the business community and she would like to add her experience to the board to help make Aitkin a strong, cohesive city. Skye’s experience includes 10 years serving on the board for the Mall Area Religious Council which is an interfaith organization in the cities, 3 years as the Chair of the Archdiocesan Parish Business Administrators.

Ballots will be mailed out soon, one vote per business. Ballots should be returned by December 31, 2016 and the results will be announced at the Annual Meeting on Friday, January 27, 2017.





The Aitkin Area Chamber of Commerce exists to:

Attract tourists, permanent, and seasonal residents and businesses to the area,

Raise awareness of city, county, state, and federal governing/legislative developments that affect the area, 

Enhance public relations through marketing, programs and events, which encourage total community awareness of the area, and

Advance business, professional, educational, church, community health in the area.

In collaboration with our partners, we assist in advancing the economy by championing the retention, expansion, and attraction of Chamber members and area businesses.