Host Business After Hours

Business After Hours

The purpose of Business After Hours is to build relationships and network in a low-pressure environment. The event is typically held on the third Thursday of the month.

Benefits of hosting Business After Hours:

  • It brings people into your business and familiarizes potential customers with your location.
  • It gives you an opportunity to sell your business and services to a captive audience.
  • It builds relationships within the business community – and it’s great PR for your organization.

The Aitkin Area Chamber of Commerce will provide:

  • Promotion via:
    • The weekly e-newsletter;
    • Reminder emails to Chamber committees and members;
    • Event shares on Facebook ;
  • Staff time:
    • The executive director will be available to help organize prior to the event;
    • The executive director will be available to help host the event.

The host should provide:

  • Event promotion in conjunction with the Chamber’s marketing.
    • Think of the event as an open house or customer appreciation night. Through your customer base, you can reach a wider and more diverse audience than the Chamber alone.
  • Light food and refreshments for 20-50 people .
  • Events are better attended when there is some kind of activity or theme. Consider offering door prizes or an educational or interactive component. This is your event! Think outside the box, try something new, and take ownership of the event, but remember that the Chamber is available if you need ideas or guidance.

Host Business After Hours

Business After Hours is on the third Thursday of the month. Note that events are always better attended and attract a more diverse guest list when the host does direct advertising in conjunction with the Chamber's marketing. Upon receiving your application, we will contact you to confirm details.
  • We will do our best to schedule your event on your desired date. If there is a scheduling issue, we can place you on the waitlist.
  • Briefly describe any special plans, door prizes, etc. we should know about for marketing purposes.